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Dissolution of Marriage

At one time California was a “fault” divorce state. Divorce in California was possible only when one spouse conducted him- or herself in a way that provided legal “cause” for the other spouse to file for divorce.

Presently in California, a divorce may be obtained when a spouse or domestic partner claims that the parties have “irreconcilable differences”. With the change in law from fault to no fault, divorce was re-titled “dissolution of marriage”. Divorce and dissolution of marriage will be used interchangeably in any discussions on this website.

As a husband and father myself, my philosophy is that if children are involved, you should do everything possible to save your marriage and family. If you cannot, my goal is to assist you in making the dissolution of your marriage as cost effective, and as painless as possible, while protecting your rights and providing to you the legal knowledge and experience I have acquired over the past 31 years.

Dissolution of marriage is stressful and painful. I advise clients to try to avoid high conflict. If you do not avoid high conflict or you seek revenge, costs skyrocket and there is a great likelihood the fall-out will negatively affect your children. High conflict divorces are a proven cause of stress in children.

One lawyer cannot control the conduct of the other spouse or partner and his or her attorney, or their method of pursuit of their rights in the dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership case. Sometimes, although very unfortunate and costly, it is necessary to fight fire with fire. I always attempt to assert and protect my client’s rights.

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