Prem Maharaj

Prem Maharaj

2135 Lombard St
San Francisco, California 94123

In 1981, after finishing high school in the Fiji Islands, Prem Maharaj decided to further his studies in the United States. He attended Golden Gate University in San Francisco where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting. While studying for his bachelor’s degree Prem worked part time at a small law firm. After graduating in 1984 he continued working part time while he earned his Masters of Science in Taxation.

Prem accepted a full time tax accounting position with the firm in 1985 and he has been an integral part of the tax practice ever since. Prem worked closely with Monroe A. Seifer through the years and adopted many of his methods and techniques. “I am proud to have had Monroe as a mentor”. Prem has been preparing individual, partnership, fiduciary and corporate income tax returns for more than 25 years. Prem has vast experience working with auditors and he has enjoyed considerable success in representing clients in IRS audits. His greatest satisfaction comes when receiving a “no change” letter in an IRS audit.

His managerial role in the firm includes the training and supervision of staff accountants. He was instrumental in transitioning the firm from reliance on off-site computer processing to in-house technology and processing.

Prem is an avid gardener and devotes every free moment to growing fruits and vegetables for himself and his family. He also spends time helping on a family farm raising a variety of animals and growing vegetables.

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