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Brigid A. Katselis

Brigid A. Katselis

2135 Lombard St
San Francisco, California 94123

Brigid A. Katselis joined the firm in 1999 immediately after graduating from the University of San Francisco where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. Brigid’s practice includes the preparation of individual, corporate, partnership and LLC tax returns. She also works closely with small business owners on tax planning, sales tax, payroll, and local business taxes. Brigid is experienced and skilled with Quicken and Quickbooks, and has worked with other custom and proprietary software programs. She supervises the firm’s bookkeepers when client accounting records are in need of improvement. She prepares probate and trust accountings in support of estate and trust legal work handled by firm attorneys or when called upon by other firms to do so.

Growing up as an “Army brat” Brigid spent time in the Northeast and the South. Her father’s transfer to San Francisco coincided with her enrollment at the University of San Francisco. Brigid focused her studies on accounting and taxation. She was a member of the University of San Francisco “Tax Challenge Team”. She worked part time doing budgeting and cost accounting for a construction firm while an undergraduate.

Over the years Brigid worked closely with Monroe A. Seifer, and gained much of her tax knowledge from that experience. If Brigid and Monroe were not working on a complex tax return, you might see them at a San Francisco Giants or 49ers game.

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